Artist Statement

I like working with people on something meaningful. I like connecting with other areas of expertise. I enjoy sharing my skills as a creative thinker.

I am intrigued when someone in another discipline is interested in my work. It makes me curious. Where are the connections? I want to know how they think. We begin to converse. Increasingly, this is happening through social media. When we meet, we go forward quickly because we have established common reference points.

I enjoy creating a project out of this culmination of ideas. My way of going forward is to create images. The images become ideas for projects.

My projects arise out of collaboration. They are diverse. They can be a formal public art commission. They can be a group of strangers willing to dress up in red and come together on behalf of something they find meaningful. Projects can arise from a few days away with some like-minded people who make a new set of images and ideas possible. The final expression of the images can be diverse. The materials for each work vary, dependent upon the idea and the project.

The creative project is a response to collaboration, an exchange of ideas and the milieu of place and time.

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